Prints, Set In Gold And Silver Jewellery - The Perfect Keepsake  

THE unique, bespoke Gift to be treasured forever.

Your child's prints, set in gold and silver jewellery!

No mess or fuss, just a lovely keepsake set in 99% pure silver or with 24ct Gold inset.

The prints (of any age) are taken by myself in our Studio in Scone.  

I then email these to the Jeweller who is based near London. He makes a rubber stamp from the prints, stamps into the metal, fires and polishes up to make the beautiful piece of jewellery.
He offers necklaces, cufflinks, keyrings, paperweights, book marks and is open to ideas that you may have too!!
Prices for the jewellery vary, but we have pictured some of what can be offered with an idea of pricing.

Dont forget your Pets Prints too – these are just as amazing in Silver!

Please contact me with any queries or ideas that you may have.

Leather Bracelet

Various colours of Leather £90

Silver Paperweight

Paperweight Prices –

  • Silver disc with prints £90
  • Silver disc with Gold imprints £110
Silver Necklaces

Prices start at £95


Round or Square cufflinks with prints and names - £110 silver or £145 Silver and Gold imprints


Silver bookmark with upto 4 prints!!  Price £90 in silver

Enquire here.

Silver Bracelet with 1 charm

£90 silver or £110 with Gold inset

Silver Golf Marker

£90 in silver or £110 with colour infill

Various designs

Some of the beautiful pieces that can be made especially for you!


Silver keyring with your child's drawing on - £90

Leather Keyring

Leather keyrings come in various colours at £50

Cut out Handprint

A little bit different at £90

Offset heart necklace

£95 in silver and £115 with gold inset

Symetrical Heart

£95 in silver or £115 with gold inset

Silver with Colour

We can fill in the prints with chosen colour on any of the jewellery.

Gift Vouchers

Vouchers are valid for 12 months and can be issued for any value


Are you looking for a special present for a forthcoming event? Look no further, we take orders for finished items to celebrate every occasion, including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, births, christenings, new homes..........


We have a range of finished items painted and ready for sale to a good home.

We also offer:

  • Canvases
  • Silver Jewellery
  • Painting Classes
  • Bespoke Ceramic Gifts





Throughout the year we offer Adults and Children different, exciting projects which are taught by myself, step by step.
The Adult workshops are usually held on a Sunday afternoon, and a wee cup of tea and lots of chat are included!! 
The Childrens workshops are held around the school holidays, i.e. April, Summer, Halloween and Christmas!  They are suitable for all school ages and run for a 2 hour period where the children are left with us and are provided with a snack and juice.

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